Monday, July 22, 2013

Classic welcome post

Hello, internet!
Although I’m not new to you, I feel like it’s time for our relationship to evolve to something more. No more watching you from a distance, following you, reading you. Time has arrived for me to show myself as that secret admirer.
So, as that Spirit horse once expressed in the voice of Bryan Adams - here I am.

From the many things I am, I chose to write here about things that are classic, be that movies, books, styles – all kinds of media. Annoying is something that permeates all aspects of my life, so I can’t really choose not to be like this – it’s simpler and only fair to just embrace it.
I’m hoping though that this will prove itself like a nice way to connect to all (or many. Or some. “All” is very megalomaniac.) awesome people out there. I know they (possibly you now reading this) exist and I actually follow some of them around the web.
Please comment if you like anything, if you think something is interesting, if you have a suggestion, if you are dying to recommend something to someone or if you simply want to talk.
Here we go!

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