Thursday, July 25, 2013

That's Entertainment

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I'm not a huge fan of soccer, at least not for brazilian standards: I do have a team I root for, watch important games and know what's going on in general, but that's nothing close to a majority that cries, pays a lot of money to get into a stadium and watches at least one of the countless sports news programs that air everyday. (When I say sports I mean soccer, since every sports news is actually about 95% on soccer.)

Rivalry is really bad here, and my rival team played yesterday the final of the most important tournament in Latin America (and sadly won). To escape all this (or at least try, because escaping wasn't really an option and no one in this city slept last night) I decided to watch something fun, and nothing is more fun than musicals.

I decided on That's Etertainment, a 1974 documentary about MGM's musicals, hosted by a number of stars such as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Mickey Rooney, Liza Minelli, Elizabeth Taylor among others. The piece is actually a compilation of musical numbers and it provided me a delightful evening with nice songs, some awesome tap dancing (I'm not a fan of the ballet numbers, they're boring) and classic actors still really young. Watching Judy Garland at the age of 12 was particularly amusing and made me think even more of Hollywood beauty standards and everything those actresses endured.

It's weird to think that such light hearted movies could actually be so ugly. Sure, That's Entertainment isn't by any means an exact and honest account of MGM studios and production as it highlights the importance of musicals as bringing joy to audiences, but it sure makes up for a nice overview of this particular Hollywood era.

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