Monday, October 14, 2013

Country Girl

I've never been a fan of country music. Sure, we all like Bob Dylan and appreciate Woodie Guthrie as his influence, but these are considered folk musicians. Now country is something different. Country is about broken hearts and more recently this could also include trucks and beer (this is me being a jerk).

But seriously, I never cared much about it. And I'm talking about american country music scenario, with it's "y'all", blondes and an annoying love for all that's american. It just seems to me that it represents the worst of a society: segregation and blind nationalism (if there's any other kind of nationalism).

That being said, although I still find it all kind of dumb really, I actually started watching the TV show Nashville and love that thing. I'm thinking that's because of my love for musicals and put the blame on it, but who knows. Maybe my fondness for folk music is actually playing a part in all this, as I do like a handful of the songs played in the show.

As everything in life, this also started influencing me in other aspects, such as fashion. I'm absolutely loving cowboy boots inspired. That's right: I'm still not quite there yet, so anything heavily southern still puts me off. Also, those checked shirts are opening up a space in my heart and I event bought this:

Denim was never big on me and I own only a couple of pair of jeans in this material. Loving this so much was kind of strange, but come to think of it not so much as now I know where this love comes from.

I've been loving high waisted shorts for some time and am dying to get to wear more of that combination of a high waisted button up sleeveless shirt. Also: that hat with all those "blankets" (what's the name of it?)... That's love in the shape of clothing, yes it is.

But I think what really struck me is how I love this fashion in men. My style icon right now is the character Gunnar Scott, who's a musician and in love with doe eyed Scarlett. Seriously, I hate when characters are flawless, it's just super annoying. But anyway, we're here to look at Gunnar:

Oh, a few months ago and I wouldn't even bother, but after watching him singing... He's delightful to listen and look at.

What do you think about country? Hate it? Love it? Love some parts of it (like me)?

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