Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Link: Esme and the Laneway

I'd like to start a new thing here on this blog, so I thought a blog/link recommendation would be a start. After all, the internet can be a wonderland if you just know how and where to look for the nice things.

Anyway, there is one blog and blogger I'd like to share, and that is: Esme and the Laneway

 I don't know exactly how I got to her blog, but I guess it's because of the hair (yes, I'm still pursuing a pastel hair). Esme has had all kinds of hair colors and she's one of those rare aliens (I refuse to think this is human!) that look good in absolutely ANY hair color.

She's also the owner of a hell of a wardrobe and dresses mainly vintage (or at least I think so). Her pictures are a delight to look at, so if you're feeling down on inspiration you can start by browsing her photos. For those who are a little unsure about how to wear vintage or retro clothing, this could be helpful, as Esme seems to be comfortable and confident in all of her outfits.

 Part of my daily updates (generated by Bloglovin'), Esme and the Laneway is without a doubt one of the blogs that help me not to be afraid to wear anything I feel fine in.

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